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          Tel: +86-25-84651066

          E-mail: snowingtime@lu51n.cn

          • 雪缘园足彩比分直播  Globe Lamp
          • 雪缘园足彩比分直播  Lantern
          • 雪缘园足彩比分直播 tree with lights and decorations

          <<Hot Products>>

          With more than 1000 articles, we have a lot of hot products. There are classic hot-selling items, and popular new styles every year. We will do our best to make Red-house to be the excellent manufacturer and designer of Decorations all over the world.

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          << WHY CHOOSE US ? >>

          "Make the creative designs, keep the products always new", our R&D team is always thinking about smart designs while monitor the market trends. Most of our products have obtained patent and copyright.
          "Highest Quality, Punctual Shipment, Favourable Price and Good Service" is our promise and guarantee. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit us!

          01 Reliable supplier
          02 Innovative design
          03 Good quality
          04 Professional design department
          05 Best service team








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          -- STEP 1--

          To find out which type the customer needs

          -- STEP 2 --

          Discuss cooperation matters with customers

          -- STEP 3 --

          Determine the delivery date, production

          -- STEP 4 --

          Confirm production completion, notify customers to collect product

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